Breathing for Birth

Did you know you already have one of the most powerful tools for labor and birth? You’re even using it right now. 

Your breath is a very important player in pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood. Learning to cultivate a relationship with your breath and facilitating its movement anatomically can support you in the most challenging moments of your path into parenthood.

Learn specific breathing techniques for all stages and scopes of labor and birth. Whether you’re planning a hospital birth or home birth, whether this is your first birth or your sixth, come away with a deeper understanding of your breath as an anchor amid the unexpected. 


Through this course, you will:

■ Learn six specific breathing techniques for labor, birth and postpartum

■ Understand how focused breathing helps manage pain and promote comfort

■ Feel more confident in your breath as a coping skill for birth

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"I remember the breathing through the thread technique when I was actually in labor – the long small breaths.  I loved that and it was very functional in action. Mentally, Jane's yoga helped me block out the distractions during the labor process."

-Shannon M.

My Mission

My mission is to create an inviting space to help you reduce stress, ease the common aches and pains of pregnancy and develop useful pain management and breathing techniques for all scopes of labor and birth.

Beyond birth, I’m a partner in the process of becoming a parent, using the tools of mindfulness to support your individual transformation.

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About Me

I’m a mermaid at heart. Riding the ebb and flow of life’s experiences is my yoga practice. My focus is on the profound transition of parenthood: I teach you how to find more ease and awareness in your body to help you have a more mindful birth. And since birth is the beginning of parenthood, I hold space for you to find support and connection in your unique journey.

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