Anchoring parents, honoring their journeys

I empower people to journey into parenthood mindfully.

Whether you need guidance navigating the transition of parental leave or you're looking to feel better in your body through yoga, you've come to the right place.

Hi, I'm Jane.

As a new mama, I know how hard it can be to transition into motherhood. Community, support, and education make it easier.

As a parental leave consultant and coach, I provide step-by-step guidance to navigate the complex life transition of going from working person to working parent (or to working parent of additional children).

Through yoga, I teach you how to find more ease and awareness in your body to help you have a more mindful birth. And since birth is the beginning of parenthood, I hold space for you to find support and connection in your unique journey.

My purpose is to help new parents build and maintain work-life strategies that align with their unique parenthood journeys. 

Parental Leave

Are you planning your parental leave or supporting your employees in their parental leave plans? Overwhelmed by the forms and frustrated by what support is available?

I've been there. And now, as a RETAIN Parental Leave Coach with the Center for Parental Leave Leadership, I'll guide you through the process and help you identify and advocate for what you need.

Join one of my live workshops to learn how to leverage the inherent personal growth of parenthood to enhance your career and strengthen your family.

Join a Parental Leave Workshop

Prenatal Yoga

Approachable, inclusive, relevant: my prenatal yoga classes will leave you feeling more at ease and more aware in your body so you can have a mindful birth.

Join me for live and on-demand prenatal yoga classes. Live classes are in-person in Morristown, NJ and live-streaming anywhere you are. On-demand classes are available anytime, on any device.


Live Prenatal Yoga Classes On-Demand Prenatal Yoga Classes

Private Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga

As a prenatal and postpartum certified yoga teacher, my mission is to help you feel your best as you experience the physical and emotional transformation of becoming a parent. I know how a little specialized movement can go a long way in improving your wellbeing. I offer 60-minute private yoga sessions in-person and online customized to your unique journey.

Private Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga, Please

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