Return to Work Successfully

How to transition smoothly, strengthen your family, and continue building your career


The journey into working parenthood is hard. And people can do hard things when guided by highly trained, supportive people.

Join me for a workshop to learn specific tools for your successful return to work.

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You can navigate parental leave well. Here's how:

  • Get clarity on your values and priorities.
  • Pinpoint the unique challenges in your parental leave transition.
  • Design a clear roadmap for your parental leave.
  • Learn strategies to make working parenthood work for you.
  • Seamlessly integrate your work and family responsibilities.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Parental Leave Workshop, you’ll learn how to plan for your successful return to work.

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Your guide is here...

  • As an expectant or new parent, you need someone in your corner who knows the ins and outs of the policies, and what they mean in practice, and how you can leverage this time to continue building your career and strengthening your family. That's where I come in: your Parental Leave Coach.

Parental Leave Workshop

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You Are Ready To Lead Your Parental Leave?

This 90 minute live workshop will teach you how to navigate parental leave and turn it into the professional and personal development opportunity that it is. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your guiding values as a working parent
  • Create your unique plan for return to work success
  • Feel empowered in your transition into working parenthood

Even though each parental leave transition is unique, there are universal and specific tools that help you define working parenthood on your own terms. Join me to learn how to apply these tools to your specific situation.

This Workshop Is For You If...

  • You're overwhelmed by planning for parental leave
  • You aren’t sure how you're going to return to work
  • You've returned to work and you're miserable
  • You know that it’s possible for new parents to feel fulfilled and valued at home and at work
  • You want to transition into working parenthood smoothly while strengthening your family and building your career.
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Hi, I'm Jane.

I know it’s possible for new parents to feel fulfilled and valued at home and at work, but that it requires careful planning and strategic support. My life’s work has combined corporate communications, workplace wellness and personal development, expertise I use to create career strategies that allow parents of young children to thrive.  

After having my first child, I successfully strategized and persuaded my company to establish a parental leave policy for all employees. Then I transitioned away from my corporate career in public relations to focus on the important work of supporting new and expectant parents.

Through ebb + flow co., I help people navigate the complex life transition of going from working individual to working parent. My purpose is to support parents in building and maintaining work-life strategies that align with their unique goals.