Prenatal Yoga Library

Yoga and meditation provide ease and awareness in your body during pregnancy to help you have a more mindful birth. 

Enjoy a full library of prenatal yoga classes to practice on your own time.



Select a video based on how much time you have to practice. Then, roll out your mat, grab your props, and hit play!

Each video is designed for all three trimesters and includes modifications for people experiencing conditions like sciatica, low back pain, symphysis pubic dysfunction, round ligament pain, etc.


Your library access includes:

■ Over 17 instructional videos ranging in length from 10 to 75 minutes

■ Beginner-friendly guided meditations

■ On-demand access on any device

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My Classes

  • In my prenatal yoga classes, you can expect poses that bring balance to the pelvis and pelvic floor with the intention of encouraging your baby into a more optimal birthing position.
  • You can also expect poses to address any specific aches and pains in your body, as well as meditations to create calm in your mind.
  • My classes incorporate coping skills and approachable, inclusive childbirth education which can leave you feeling more resilient in your journey through pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood.


What to bring:

Yoga mat, two yoga blocks, yoga bolster/pillows, blanket(s), water

Need props? HERE is a link to my recommendations to get started.


$67 for access from any device

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"Jane's yoga helped during labor for sure. I was able to stay home for 12 hours and work through the pain. I ended up not taking the epidural because I was handling it well."

-Sarah A.

Alicia F. 

"Thank you for class last night. It literally was the best thing ever, and I'm looking forward to signing up for more. I slept so good last night, so thank you!"

Emily H.

"I found the chance to chat afterwards with other pregnant ladies was valuable. Having the class ask for poses for various pains and discomforts in addition to Jane's lesson plan was helpful for things that I didn't realize could be helped by yoga (like heartburn!)."

Emily B.

"I loved the hip and back stretching as those areas bothered me during pregnancy. I also loved Jane's themes: always super positive and helped me feel good during the pregnancy. In labor, I did the breathing exercises and the pain practice stuff as well to get my mind off of the pain. I felt good after class for sure."

My Mission

My mission is to create an inviting space to help you reduce stress, ease the common aches and pains of pregnancy and develop useful pain management and breathing techniques for all scopes of labor and birth.

Beyond birth, I’m a partner in the process of becoming a parent, using the tools of mindfulness to support your individual transformation.

Practice with Me

About Me

I’m a mermaid at heart. Riding the ebb and flow of life’s experiences is my yoga practice. My focus is on the profound transition of parenthood: I teach you how to find more ease and awareness in your body to help you have a more mindful birth. And since birth is the beginning of parenthood, I hold space for you to find support and connection in your unique journey.

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