Private Prenatal + Postpartum Yoga Sessions

As a prenatal + postpartum certified yoga teacher, my mission is to help you feel your best as you experience the physical and emotional transformation of becoming a parent. I offer private, 60-minute prenatal + postpartum yoga sessions in-person in the Morristown, NJ area and online via Zoom.
My prenatal + postpartum yoga sessions offer meditation and movement to create ease in your body and mind throughout the trimesters, including the fourth trimester (postpartum). I focus on your areas of concern and offer daily movement recommendations to keep you feeling your best between classes.
Meditation is an important piece of prenatal + postpartum yoga, so I incorporate it throughout each session and tailor it to your unique situation.
To begin, we'll have an initial consultation where we discuss your history of movement and pain, what has helped you, any current areas of concern with your body or your pregnancy, labor, or birth, as well as your intention for yoga. 
Working together, we can schedule single sessions or a package of sessions so you can feel better in your body and have a more mindful birth.
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