How to Get the Rest You Need

mindfulness postpartum Apr 26, 2022

During pregnancy and new parenthood, sleep can be like a unicorn. It’s elusive and sought-after, and often doesn’t seem to exist.

But did you know that sleep and rest are not the same?

That’s why even after a decent amount of sleep, you still feel exhausted.

You likely need a different kind of rest. In addition to actual sleep, there are several other ways to restore that can help you feel more focused, calm and rested.


  • Physical - Physical rest can be passive or active. Passive rest is sleep, and active rest is any restorative activity like yoga, stretching, or massage therapy that improves circulation and flexibility. 


  • Mental - Mental rest is vital to staying focused and feeling well-rested. Our minds are constantly at work, so schedule short breaks throughout your day to pause what you’re doing, slow down and take a mental break.


  • Sensory - Sensory rest gives you a break from screens, lights and noise. Whether you’re...
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Five Things to Know Before Your First Prenatal Yoga Class

mindfulness prenatal yoga Sep 28, 2021

It’s not just about the squats (although the squats are strengthening). Here are some of the lesser-known benefits and considerations of prenatal yoga: 

  1. There are specific yoga poses and movements that can help you feel better in your pregnant body. Prenatal yoga isn’t just modifying traditional yoga poses in a way the pregnant body can practice. In our prenatal classes, we explore specific poses and movements to stretch and strengthen the pregnant body in pregnancy, labor, and all scopes of birth. From back pain to heartburn, yoga and movement can help you feel more like yourself. 
  2. Yoga can be practiced safely in any trimester. We adjust the class offerings based on the parents-to-be participating. There are many poses, breathing techniques, and meditations that are recommended for specific stages of a pregnancy, and we offer options for each body. It’s never too early or too late to begin a prenatal yoga practice. 
  3. Beyond yoga, meditation is...
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First Trimester Product Faves

mindfulness prenatal Feb 25, 2021

The beginning of pregnancy can bring so many highs and lows. From the emotional response to the uncertainty of this new journey to bouts of nausea and exhaustion, you may struggle with not feeling like yourself. 

In addition to my yoga + movement recommendations for the first trimester, there are thankfully some great products that can help alleviate early pregnancy symptoms and help you feel more like the incredible human being you are. Here are my recommendations:


YETI tumbler - excellent at keeping water COLD so you can stay hydrated. I carry this with me everywhere. 


Hatch Head Peace - cooling + compression wrap offers relief from hormonal and good old-fashioned headaches alike. I love how it can double as an eye pillow for naps.


Prenatal vitamin - to support your body's additional nutritional needs. Always check with your healthcare provider for the right supplement for you.


Preggie Pops - convenient to have on hand when...

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Postpartum Care Guide

mindfulness postpartum Jul 02, 2020

Even when the nursery is picture-perfect and ready for the baby's arrival, you may not be prepared for the very real and raw experiences of postpartum. It’s true that choosing tiny onesies and toys is more fun than choosing disposable underwear and having tough conversations. But getting your head and heart in the right place for one of the most intense physical recoveries and profound emotional changes of your life means that you can have a better experience -- and this is especially important now with COVID-19 considerations layering the complexity of the postpartum period.


Many moms say they wish they had known certain things about postpartum. We can talk about the decor and bassinet choices, but we need to talk about healing and expectations once the baby arrives. We need to talk about how your body is likely to look and feel, what’s normal and what’s common in postpartum recovery, and how you can advocate for yourself and your new addition. 


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