How to Get the Rest You Need

mindfulness postpartum Apr 26, 2022

During pregnancy and new parenthood, sleep can be like a unicorn. It’s elusive and sought-after, and often doesn’t seem to exist.

But did you know that sleep and rest are not the same?

That’s why even after a decent amount of sleep, you still feel exhausted.

You likely need a different kind of rest. In addition to actual sleep, there are several other ways to restore that can help you feel more focused, calm and rested.


  • Physical - Physical rest can be passive or active. Passive rest is sleep, and active rest is any restorative activity like yoga, stretching, or massage therapy that improves circulation and flexibility. 


  • Mental - Mental rest is vital to staying focused and feeling well-rested. Our minds are constantly at work, so schedule short breaks throughout your day to pause what you’re doing, slow down and take a mental break.


  • Sensory - Sensory rest gives you a break from screens, lights and noise. Whether you’re...
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Favorite Clean Beauty Products for Pregnancy

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your beauty products?  

For me, it started with searching for a deodorant without aluminum that actually worked. I tried so many brands and once I finally found one, I was so excited that I bought the deodorant for all of my friends. I haven’t looked back and now use as many clean and cruelty-free products as possible. 

Pregnancy and postpartum are especially important times to reconsider what you’re putting on your body. Thankfully there are so many excellent products for moms-to-be, you’ll probably want to keep using them even after your little one’s arrival!

What are your favorite clean beauty products? Tell me in the comments!


[This blog post contains affiliate links to things I love.]


Schmidt’s Deodorant, Lavender + Sage

EO Organic Deodorant Spray, French Lavender



Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice Antioxidant Face Serum

Summer Fridays Super...

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Prenatal Yoga and Movement

Preparing the body and mind for childbirth is a trip, and we could all use a little roadmap. To help you create your own path, I’m sharing some tips and resources I’ve learned through prenatal yoga teacher training and my own motherhood journey. 

Whether or not you've practiced yoga before becoming pregnant, there are some important things to keep in mind when approaching your physical yoga practice.*

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Five Tips for Prenatal Yoga

1. Keep in mind the sensations in the pregnant body will differ during yoga practice than your experience before becoming pregnant. You may not feel familiar "stretches" you're used to, partly because the body is producing more relaxin to let your belly grow, your ligaments loosen, and eventually prepare for labor....

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Postpartum Care Guide

mindfulness postpartum Jul 02, 2020

Even when the nursery is picture-perfect and ready for the baby's arrival, you may not be prepared for the very real and raw experiences of postpartum. It’s true that choosing tiny onesies and toys is more fun than choosing disposable underwear and having tough conversations. But getting your head and heart in the right place for one of the most intense physical recoveries and profound emotional changes of your life means that you can have a better experience -- and this is especially important now with COVID-19 considerations layering the complexity of the postpartum period.


Many moms say they wish they had known certain things about postpartum. We can talk about the decor and bassinet choices, but we need to talk about healing and expectations once the baby arrives. We need to talk about how your body is likely to look and feel, what’s normal and what’s common in postpartum recovery, and how you can advocate for yourself and your new addition. 


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Building Your Virtual Birth Team

We all know that moms need support in raising children, but few realize that support in the process of becoming a mother is just as crucial. Especially considering the evolving effects of COVID-19 on our healthcare system, new mamas can better navigate the profound psychological and emotional changes that take place from pregnancy through postpartum with the right *virtual* support team.

Matrescence, or the process of becoming a mother, is much more than giving birth. It’s a physiological and emotional journey that is best supported with guidance from trusted experts and skilled providers. This team can be just as effective when engaging remotely.

Your provider, whether obstetrician/midwife/doctor of osteopathy/family physician, is your home base for information on giving birth safely, especially now as we continue to learn about the effects of COVID-19. They can help guide you with the changing information and guidelines for pregnancy and delivery. Your provider is your best...

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